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Monday, July 10, 2006

Home from San Antonio

We just got back from a week in San Antonio visiting son Eric at the Lackland A.F.B... Eric had some liberty, so we went to him for the 4th O' July, we visited the Alamo, Seaworld, Schlitterbahn and the San Antonio riverwalk. I spent some time getting to know a very wonderful magician named Doug Gorman., along with his magic friend Paul Mims. We had a wonderful afternoon sessioning on the cups and balls, Gallo's ball vase routine and some great card tricks as well as pizza for lunch. I was impressed with Doug's fine oratory skills and the way he presents his magic. He gets into it and becomes very animated. I like that!
We stayed at a nice hotel called the Hotel Contessa right on the riverwalk, spent lots of money on fine food and entertainment! It was hot most of the time with the thermometer hovering about 85-90.....
Back to work for two days and then off to some more heat in Eastern Washington at Desert Canyon resort for 4 days and three nights... Golf will be on the agenda as well as more fine food and layin around the swimming pool working on my sunburn!


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