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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Maui Wowie!

Last week Joan and I flew to Maui Hawaii.
I didn't post about it because who knows who might take advantage of us not being home, although we ended up having a house sitter and a nephew came by regularly to water the over heated plants.
The trip was a blast!
Too much fun in the sun! Seems we went to Hawaii to escape the blistering heat of Seattle!? Who woulda thunk it! While we were in Maui, Seattle set records for heat.
We arrived in Maui on Wednesday afternoon and settled into our beautiful, luxury resort hotel called the Westin.
The Westin was a spectacular venue! Three swimming pools, and right on the Pacific Ocean! Every morning we were treated to a wonderful breakfast buffet. Fresh fruit, waffles, pancakes, Bacon and eggs, and more!
Every morning we would get up sort of early and head on down to breakfast, we always ate a large breakfast as we wouldn't normally eat until around 8pm that evening.
Joan booked us for six nights in Maui, and two in Oahu, along the Waikiki strip!
Snorkeling, Scuba diving, para gliding, fun shopping, Luau's and more were at our beck and call.
So much to do and so little time, what a delimma!!!
The Westin was nestled between many other resort hotels, almost a perfect, in the middle location. As we traveled North along the Pacific, we saw many restaurants to choose from. Also to our right was a place known as Whalers Village, a wonderful money grabbing shopping strip, and yes, they captured some of our green backs.
Also roaming this area are what are known as artisans, people selling their wares. It was quite fun to watch and see all the exhibits.
Every hotel had it's own artisans, many of which would sell their wares at a different hotel daily.


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