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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

knee Troubles

I had to take an extra day for vacation because I had a doctor appointment up in Arlington, Wa. at 10 am Monday!
Got up about 7:30 and my wife and I drove the 70 miles.
The doctor I want to see will soon be retiring. His name is Fred Davis. He is one of the top Orthopedic Doctors in the United States. I met him about 25 years ago thru the Amway business. He is a Diamond or an Emerald in that business. I was in his line of sponsorship way back when. Those were some great times in my life.
I know many people have negative feelings or ideas about Amway. Things like, "it's a pyramid, or, it's that door to door soap selling business,I wouldn't want to do anything like that, or, you use your friends!"
I find all these just excuses, here's why.
Amway is actually a reverse pyramid. The job YOU have is an actual pyramid, I mean think about it honestly, can you ever pass up your boss in your job? Do you have the opportunity to become the owner where you work?
How about not wanting to sell great products to your friends?
They are already supporting some Joe Blow they don't even know. You deliver the product to their door step, and they save money. By the way, friends should be helping friends out. That's what friends do. As far as "getting someone else into something." I think it would be great to help another human or family become debt free, or financially secure. How about ALL the things you do for your employer now that you don't like doing? Like smiling at them or appeasing them because you are afraid to lose your job, or have to work for someone that... well you get the picture.
But here's the rub,
Any Excuse Will Do.
But, I didn't decide to go off on a rant about Amway, it's just that I had a great time as a distributor, met lots of good people, and read lots of great books that helped develop in me a positive mental outlook.
It probably was a time in my life that helped foster good ideals about marriage too.
anyway, Fred saw me, and stuck a four inch needle into the side of my knee. He extracted about 30 cc of fluid that was swelling fluid, (for lack of a proper name)...
Then he put something into my knee area that he called "joy juice." My wife thought he heard him say joint juice and asked him what that was! Haha...
Fred told her it was something they use for women. Some kind of fertility drug. This could get strange! Lol...
After the exam, the twisting and pulling of my knee, I did some magic for Fred.
Fred has a great laugh. He is 67 years young, he is a joy to be around, why?
Because he is still a child at heart!
He enjoyed the magic, so did I. I just enjoy being around people like him.
We finished up around 11 am. He called the hospital next door and set me up with an MRI. This was really lucky for me to be able to get this on the same say, rather than having to drive back down to Arlington another day.
Joan and I enjoyed the town or Arlington. We took in some antique shops, sporting goods store, and had a nice lunch together.
The MRI appt. wasn't until 3:30, so we had some time to kill.

We got home around 6:45 pm.
It made for a long day.
I go back next Monday for the results of the MRI. Bummer, have to take another day off work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Tim, sorry to hear about your knee problem. Hope everything turns out OK.
I just wanted to comment on Amway. The wife and I were in Amway back at the end of the 70's. It was a going concern back then. Our up line lived in Spokane and the Diamond lived in Chaple Hill, NC.
We met lots of great people and had some great times. But the one thing that Amway did for me personally was help me cure my stuttering. I did alot of the "meetings" and all of that public talking did wonders. We drifted away from Amway in the early 80's. But I still tell everyone that will listen that I think Amway is a great life investment. Everyone should join for at least a while.
Well, I guess I rambled enough. Thanks and good health.
I sti

3:01 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Sounds like Jack and Rita and Bill in N.C?
My knee feels much better, thank you!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Former IBO said...

Your job is a reverse pyramid? Because you can't pass up your boss? Has anyone passed up Dexter Yager or Bill Britt? Or has anyone passed Rich Devos? Cany anyone?

At least in your job you receive the salary that you agreed to work for. Not the case in Amway is it?

3:47 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

The point is that the opportunity to make more money and become a bigger pin than your upline exists in Amway. Therefore this idea that it is a pyramid is moot.
And what is wrong with earning some money by your efforts. In my job, I can sit on my bumm all day and still get a paycheck.
You do not agree to get a paycheck in Amway, you agree to get paid what you deserve by your efforts.
Thru direct sales, bonuses, and by bringing others into the business and helping them earn money.
By the way, you never "make" money off of the people you sponsor, you get paid a percentage from Amway basd upon their sales percentage and they have the same opportunity.
No nepotism, no favoritism, just good old fashioned stick tuitiveness.

4:23 PM  

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