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Monday, August 03, 2009

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Golf on Maui was interesting. I was planning to golf two days but golfed only one, last Monday. I golfed on the Ka'anapali Royal course. This is the more difficult and picturesque of their two course.
The days leading up to Monday were relatively calm as far as wind speeds, but of course the day I was to golf... well, imagine 25-25 mph winds.
You can notice some of this in the pictures. Look at the palm trees bending in the wind.
I honestly believe the wind added 10 -15 strokes to my round. On one particular pitch shot of about 15 yards, the ball actually to a straight right turn! This was on a short pitch shot, and the ball then was pushed to run uphill on the green. Imagine what that wind was doing on longer approach and tee shots!
My score, a 96.
Funny too, because I started the round with a birdie on the first hole a par five.
I was paired with three other golfers from all over the U.S. We had a fun time, laughing and rooting for each other.
I decided against golfing on Tuesday as the wind beat me up pretty bad and I went their to enjoy some time with my lovely wife, which I did.
I made the right decision for a change!


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