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Monday, July 17, 2006

Monday July 17th, wow, what a great two weeks! Just got home Friday from Eastern Washington, heat in the 85-90 range... no kids, just the wife and I :)
Had a sweet deal from a friend, 3nights, 4 days for a hundred bucks! 3 rounds of golf at the Desert Canyon Resort to boot! Can't beat that! Spent Thursday after golfing in the morning at Lake Chelann with Dave Huffman and his wife and two daughters, laying by the lake and swimming and getting really bright red! Haha..,
Friday Joan and I drove home but made a three hour pit stop in Leavenworth, we ate at the Munchen house, we enjoyed the fine German fare with sauerkraut and German potato salad...
As my wife and I were heading to our car to make the two hour trek home, we were approached by a little boy of about five, his older sister and father. He handed us a baggy full of just picked Rainier Cherries. I asked if I might do something to return the favor. I whipped out my hot rod and did a short magical routine for him and his family... As they walked away I overheard his father say, " wasn't that cool?!"
That's all the thanks I needed!
Saturday our daughter arrived home safe and sound from her week long vacation at Black Lake bible camp. She had a great time as well!

On a sad note, my good friend and mentor in magic, Tom Frank left Seattle on Tuesday for Los Angeles. I will miss him immensely. We sessioned every Tuesday night for over a year and a half! We are planning to figure out a way to keep the sessions alive in Seattle!
Yesterday we went to church and heard a great sermon by Pastor Gerald Marvel. He enlightened us on the story of Zacheus the tax collector. I enjoyed the sermon and the insights.


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