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Friday, December 08, 2006

Still Painting!

My body is aching from painting the popcorn ceiling.. Using an extendable 8 Ft. Pole. The torque required to push the paint into the popcorn is such that I actually broke the first aluminum pole I bought causing the roller to come crashing down on me with an audible crack? Luckily I had the entire floor covered with a blue tarp. My shoulders and arms are vibrating from the workout, in one sense it feels good. In the other, OUCH! An all day project! Or two or three or 4-ever! Our ceilings are somewhat vaulted and are at all weird angles making it even harder. This is the second time I've painted them, so the paint is sticking much better. The first time a lot of popcorn came raining down on me.
Today I tackle the walls. Hopefully this will be easier on my old bones!
Day two. Progress but ran out of paint. We bought only one can of paint for the walls. We didn't want to spend a lot of money only to find out the color scheme was not good. So, we found out we like the wall paint. It seems like it will be "softer" and this is good. I think it looks good with the doors now being a "Dove White." I taped up some door casing to really get a good feel for how it will all come together. It is going to be a BIG change. Very nice.


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