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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tuesday Night Session

Cups and Balls and rope tricks were the topic of discussion last night as Jose Floresca opened up one of his rental homes for a great teaching session! I invited a young man named Adam whom I met at the Day of Magic about two months ago.
His father brought him. Adam is part of the Ring of Fires youth magic learning program. He performed at the Day of Magic. I shared with him the cups and balls routine I used to do at the Day of Magic. Last night I showed them the latest routine I do which has a lot of Gazzo's stuff in it! They were thrilled by the ending! John Logenbaugh arrived as well. He is looking for some stage magic to do for a New Years party. Isaac Louie arrived and taught us all some cool rope moves.
Louie and Jose ropes
He also did some pretty ring and rope stuff and helped perfect the striking vanish that we were all playing with.
I followed up Isaac's rope routine with one of my own, actually it is Slydini's rope routine with the Professors Nightmare ending.
Me teaching Professors Nightmare
Jose showed us his two cup routine.
Jose, Two cup routine
It is a work in progress and I think it really suits his personality. All our magic is a work in progress. We need to get out and perform!
All in all, we got a lot done in two and a half hours. It was nice coming in with a focus to our get together.


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