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Saturday, October 31, 2009

WoW! 6 Year Anniversary!

6 years ago today, Halloween, I began my egotistical journey into magic (see comments on earlier post, Haha)
I remember starting this fun journey by putting together some tricks for "Treats Without Tricks" night at our church. I pulled out a dusty, musty old box of "slum" magic, and put together about 6 or so close up magic tricks...
Scotch & Soda, Penetration Frame, Hopping Half, Hot Rod, Jumping Gems...
As Children and their parents came by my "booth" I would do my set.
One dad laughed so much and heartily, that he decided to stay by my booth and watch me do my set over and over again for the many children that were stopping and watching.
His name is Dale. He so uplifted me that I decided to get back into magic, not knowing what that would really involve or entail...
Six years later, and I am a professional magician.
Magic has introduced me to thousands of people I would never have met otherwise.
I have traveled to North Carolina to perform at the inaugural Christian Lifestyle Expo. I have performed in homes, and senior centers across Washington state. Childrens Birthday shows, Adult parties, The Royal Argosy! Boeing Family Fun day picnic celebration, and schools too. Coffee shops and more...
Last night I performed a repeat appearance in Puyallup. Today I have a 2pm gig in Kent.
Many friends have come into my life because of magic. Several mentors too.
I am hoping to mentor some others along the way.
Many "colorful characters" along the road. :)
My life is rich, and full.
Magic makes me happy!
Sharing magic in it's many forms makes me happy too!

Happy Halloween!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Good for you dad. Your passion for life is inspiring!

Love Ya!

10:36 PM  

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