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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh My!

Still worn out from lack of sleep and trying to act like a twenty year old...
Thought I would know better by now.
I went golfing Tuesday morning with my friend Steve Ameden and Mike Laik. I was really tired, but I had an appointment that I had to keep... Haha.. Steve had made the tee time about ten days before. I hadn't realized how tired I would be from Magic Jam weekend... Also, I had to meet with the board of my clown alley on Monday night, no rest for the wicked as the saying goes...
We teed off at about 7:30 A.M. and it was a very nice day. It was forecast to rain, but we missed it all except for about two minutes of a misty drizzle about halfway thru the round. It was good time to be with Steve. I haven't seen him in a long time. Mike is my regular golfing buddy. Steve looked good. We played Auburn, and I shot an 88.
Got to bed around 1 pm, and was expecting company at 8 P.M. My friend Sterling Dietz was coming over, guess what, I couldn't sleep. Too keyed up. So I got up around 4P.M. and had some coffee, Internet time, and then the family arrived about quarter of six... Katie from swim team practice, Joan, her personal chauffeur
Dinner, and then Sterling. Sterling is a fine up and coming magician. World Teen Magic Champion... We sessioned on several things. I especially want to thank Sterling for helping me with some fine points with his torn and restored newspaper.
Sterling wowed my wife and daughter with his magic... we traded some secrets, sshhh, and hopefully have started a long, and fine friendship!
Sterling entertains my wife!

Sterling shared with me some of his thinking on his revolutionary "Cups and Balls" Routine with Lego's! Wow, he is a thinker. I am surprised he let me in on some of the inner secrets. We enjoyed some cards and coins, and then I had to go to work, which I am proud to say, I was an hour late for!
Time building friendships is valuable!


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