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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween '09'

Had a nice magic gig today..
Farrington Court Senior Center, They have hired me maybe 4-5 times.
I find it challenging to develop new material to share with the residents there.
They are a great group to perform for.
Always treat me with love and respect. We have a fun time together.
I am reminded of something my mentor Tom has said many times. Magic is great, and they pay me to do it too.
That is kind of amazing to get money for something that is so much fun.
Yes, it is a lot of work. Props cost money too. Travel time, performing time, but sometimes the rewards are way more greater than the money.
Money is just a barometer, a way of seeing if you are worth anything as a performer, it also puts a value on what you do.
Don't get me wrong, I like money, wish I was independently wealthy, wish money was no object...
It is just that there are so many serendipities to performing magic.
Smiles, laughter, astonishment, fun, meeting people, making friends, money!
Living and loving life along the way!
Here is an example of something i am trying to point out about this giving of ourselves, below is an email I received about a two weeks ago, I have excluded the names because I don't want to embarrass anyone, and I haven't asked permission to reprint it, but here goes:

"Hey Tim,
I've been thinking about you since last Monday and Tuesday when I meant to call you and ask if you were going to the session. I wish I had, I really wanted to go, but I wanted to ensure that you were going. Then I got busy with something and forgot, and the next thing I know it is Wednesday and I am thinking, "damn! I meant to go to the session last night!" How did it go? I hope it was a killer session. Hey, you'll be hecka proud of me; My son had a football game on Thursday and he played awesome. That isn't the point though, the point is that during halftime I was playing with a deck of cards and some kids asked if I did any tricks. Tricks? Why, now that you mention it.... I started doing card tricks for them, and they liked the card on forehead so much he had to go all the way over to the bleachers and fetch his mother. I then did it for her, and she was blown away, too. I had a great time, and my wife really laughed. I don't think she'd ever seen me do so much magic at one time as I did during that halftime performance. I showed them magic, I taught them each something to take away, but I did it individually so they each had something of their very own to work on, and no one knew the secret to any one else's magic. I felt good and I feel like they did, too. Now, why do you suppose I did that? Oh yeah, because when they asked that question, "Hey, do you do any magic?" All I could hear was my friend Tim's voice inside my head saying, "If you tell them no I will strangle you with my bare hands. You had better share some magic with them." Thank you for the inspiration my friend, I couldn't have done it without you.
Take care, pal!"
Man isn't that cool!
I just doubled myself magically!
When I perform, often times I mention my mentor during my show, or am doing the cups and balls, or the cut and restored rope or the Acrobatic Knot or...
And The people that taught me, whether via a book, or dvd, or in person, they are performing with me thru me. In other words, they are performing. Many of these great magicians are now gone, passed away. I often feel it is honoring them to do magic well, to do a piece that they would be proud of, to use their knowledge and expertise to entertain and enthrall audiences today!

Well, that's all about me, but today was about children enjoying Halloween. It is interesting to me how Halloween has changed since I was a boy 40 years ago. (Wow!)
Now parents walk the streets with their children. Many young parents actually dress up and trick or treat too. We bundle up our children and drive them to some "other" neighborhood that is easier to walk or has house closer together.
We had six trick or treaters last night.
Our neighborhood is hilly, and the homes are all different with interestingly shaped yards. But we drive our children to these neighborhoods my older brother calls cookie cutter homes. They have manicured lawns and side walks, street lamps and it is easy pickins' for the children. Up one side of the street and down the other!

Our daughter is 16. She and a friend dressed up as indians. Can I say that!? She actually asked me if it is o.k. to dress up as an indian squaw. Oops, Native American woman.
My wife and her worked together on her costume, home made. That is great!
It was fun to watch them together, doing a project.
Her and her friend trick or treated for UNICEF. Collecting money for that organization. I never did that!
Looks like she did more than just collect for UNICEF!

I liked the candy! (And the pranks, except when they were done to me)


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