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Friday, November 17, 2006

Gods' Place

The past two days I have spent painting my Son Ryans' room. He has been in college for 4 years and isn't planning on coming home when he graduates next month. Yes, next month! He is receiving a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering! Way to go! Anyway, with Eric in the Marines and Ryan gone, the house is quite large. So Katie moved into Eric's old room and I have been moving furniture, boxing things up and painting. The hottub needed a new heater and that got replaced Monday! SO, After painting Ryans' room for the 2nd time (one coat is never good enough), Some muscles I forgot I had needed some nice heated water coursing over them! It was a chilly night but the water was 103 degrees. The sky was clear and crisp and the stars were out in abundance. Nice way to relax!


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