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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moved and Gettin Better!

My brother was moved out of ICU yesterday and into a room of his own! This is great news! The family met with a doctor yesterday as well. We were all able to ask questions of her and she was great with her time and answers. This was set up because it was felt by a few of us that it was unfair to Teds' spouse to have to be the mouth piece for the doctors and nurses. I had asked one of his nurses some questions and was asked "who are you?" I told her that I am his brother. I was then told that I must go through my brothers spouse. Well, in all respect to her, I felt that she was kinda wiped out from all this, lack of sleep, trauma from being there when he was vomiting up "gallons" of blood, having to call 911, sitting at his bedside etc. etc. Also I realized that she is not a doctor or a nurse and that she should not be expected be able to pass on their medical jargon accurately.(I do not mean to slam her, I just didn't think it right to lay this extra burden on her) They do this, they say for "privacy" reasons.
Anyway it was nice to get everyone there and have anyone's questions answered.
He still has a long road ahead.
Thanks for your prayers.
Keep praying and get in touch with God!


Blogger Solomon said...

We will keep praying. Thank G-d, Ted is doing better. Way to be a great brother Tim. Really. Way to go.

11:55 PM  

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