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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I spent several hours today at Kentwood H.S. in Kent today. I was an observer at a SHARE presentation. Actually I stayed for two presentations as I am thinking about, looking into becoming a speaker on behalf of SHARE. The first speaker arrived late because of traffic, go figure. Bad traffic in this state!? When she did arrive she made quite an entrance as she was wearing a beautiful crown on her head and sash around her body with the words Miss Puget Sound 2006. Well, I actually thought it was a joke. I thought she was just dressed that way to get the attention of the tenth grade audience. Truth be told... She is Miss Puget Sound 2006! I didn't even know there was such a thing. Her name is Jackie, age 24. She said that she placed tenth in the Miss Washington pageant. Had she won that she would have represented Washington state in the Miss America contest. This young lady was full of exuberance. I mean, energy, energy, energy. She should be doing commercials for all those energy drinks. I thought "WOW!" Know way could I keep up with that! Maybe a few years ago. The Children seemed to enjoy her presentation. I thought she did a good job.
The next class arrived shortly after the first departed... A new speaker, a young man of 32, Aaron is his name. His presentation was a bit different but just as dynamic. He passed out hugs to all the kids as they participated. Hugs are like Hershey's kisses, but called hugs.
I learned a lot and will be attending another couple of presentations next week.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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