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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble

I have come to the conclusion that Thanksgiving is the best, last "Holiday" left.
It has, so far, been untouched by the consumer madness that has adulterated Easter and Christmas. Why is this? I think it is because it is not a Christian Holyday. (misspelled purposefully) Since Christ is not brought into it, the secularists pretty much leave Thanksgiving alone. Those poor Turkeys! (secularists included) How many turkeys I wonder, were eaten on Thursday?! Haha.. Up next Christmas and the eating of tons of ham!
We cooked the turkey at our home this yearGolden Delicious 2006 and then bundled everything up, mashed potatoes, turkey and the children and headed to my wife's mothers' home as she had ten teeth pulled on Tuesday. No traveling for her. She will be 87 years old next month!
We missed our boy Eric. He enjoyed Thanksgiving in San Diego with his sargeant and a few other Marines! Thanks guys. It's young men and women like you that have allowed Americans the freedom to enjoy Thanksgiving!


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