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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Unfinished business..

I recently went to the website "Reunions with class."
My 30 year high school reunion is this year. While it will be a lot of fun to see the old classmates and catch up on their lives. I was deeply saddened by the deaths of several classmates. At the website is a place called "In Memoriam." I clicked on it and found out all the old classmates that have died. This brought a flood of sadness into my heart. It also brought back many memories of times with these people, people I do not really know. Friends I chummed with and played pranks on and played sports with. Seventeen were listed there. Fourteen men and three women. What does that tell me?
We had a graduating class of about 330 students. I knew most of them because of going thru grade school and Junior High School with them. I got around in High School. Most kids needed to fit in somewhere. (they still do) Either you are an athlete, (jock) a brain, a nerd, (not really but we pegged you there) or a stoner.
I pretty much got along with all the groupings. I was pretty athletic before high school so knew most of the guys on the sports teams. During my Sophomore year, I joined the "stoners," so I got to know all the kids that smoked cigarettes and pot and drank beer. Also, during my 1st two years of High School I made honor roll so I was knowledgeable about the kids who were academically inclined.
Of the seventeen deceased from my graduating class, I can reminisce about sixteen of them. I have vivid memories of doing things with them, their smiles, and of their faces in my mind.
I wonder how they died? I wonder about their families, their children and spouses. I wonder if they lived fulfilling lives? I wonder how many of them attained their dreams? These deaths also bring to mind my own mortality. How and when will I die?
Will I attain my dreams? Will I enjoy a rich full life? Have I already? Makes me want to get after the things I am pursuing.
A closer walk with God. Sharing my magical talents with others. Being a better husband and father and brother.
I feel almost a need to hurry up and fix all the things I've messed up over the years. To make amends and apologize to those I've hurt. To go see the places I've always wanted to see. Places like Hawaii, France, England, Italy and the Roman Coliseum, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I want to go back to Ireland again.
Or see the Yankees play Boston in Yankee stadium and the same two teams at Fenway Park, before they get torn down and replaced. To swim in the Atlantic Ocean. To rock my grand children, (which we don't have yet)and to play catch with them and push them on the swings. To teach them how to fish and to get out and enjoy Gods creation that is around us!
On the other hand it makes me contemplate the need to be in a hurry and the idea of sloooowing down to smell the roses! To take a cup of coffee out to the deck and enjoy a relaxing moment with my wife as the birds chirp and the wind blows gently!
Contemplation, inner self dialogue...

R I P my friends.


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