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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Party Crasher

Last Monday, while waiting for a friend at Maple Wood golf course, I noticed a post card beneath the truck parked next to me... It had a picture of a man sitting cross legged straddling the 50 yard line. I picked it up and turned it over, it was an actual post card addressed to someone in the Renton area.
Here is where it got interesting...
It was an invitation to a man named Larry's 50th birthday party, held at the home of the Hoffmans... I know this guy I thought, I'm going to crash this party!
Our children went to school together, Both our boys had Larry's children in their grades. What are the odds of this happening?
Larry and I went all the way from Kindergarten to graduating High School together.
I went to his childhood home as a Webelo Scout in about 4th or 5th grade, are you kidding me!?
How cool is this, you bet I crashed the party! Larry and his wife Mary, whom I also went to high school with live about three miles from my home, haha!
I shocked them! It was all good, they were all having a great time with lots of friends and family, some other people I knew and hadn't seen in thirty years, Larry's sister Mary, and some other high school friends.
Bummer was that Larry had to go to bed early, about 8:30 pm. He has Diabetis. He was pretty warn out. The party continued without him as many friends and family members were there.
I did eventually perform some great magic for some of the guests. Eventually I performed something I have recently added to my repertoire, I call id vanishing and reappearing silks> It is a rally pretty effect and I was planning on performing it for children, but recently found out that adults are going nuts over it too!
Several of the guests know Tobias Pascia, a local magician that also worked at Costco. Everyone had a great time and the magician, (me) blew their minds!


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