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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ocean Break!

Last Wednesday, I got off work at 6am, headed home, and rested for a few hours, about 11 am we drove to Ocean Shores to spend a few days with our friends the McDowells!
We took Cub, our dog along.
We had a good time searching for rocks and shells at the waters edge. We had excellent food every day, Salmon, shrimp, ribs and a tradition with the Flynn-McDowells, RBF's... Root Beer Floats for the uninitiated!!!
Dale also prepared a special treat, French Onion Soup!

I know it looks like all we did was eat, and eat.... well we did... Cookies too!
hahaha, guess my work out plan and diet are off for now!
Katie is now 16 and has a drivers permit. Everywhere we went she drove us! We went places we didn't have to go, so she could drive us, she suggested places to go, so she could drive us!
It was great to get away for awhile!


Blogger Ryan F said...

Sorry I missed all that fun and food. Looks like a great time!

8:49 AM  

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