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Monday, April 06, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Today is Katie's 16th birthday. It was a simple occasion we had. Eric is in San Diego, Ryan is in Colorado. It is almost like she is an only child.
Because of the money we are forking out to send her to Australia later this year, we got just a simple gift and enjoyed(?) a meal out!
Her brother Eric called and spent soem time with her on the phone, that is always a nice gift!
It has always been our custom for the birthday child to pick their favorite meal. This is a custom passed down from my mom. Normally my mom would cook the meal. Joan is real good about this too. lately some of the kids have wanted to pick a restaurant.
Katie did just that. She chose a place called "Soup-er Pho."
Joan,Katie and I have never eaten Pho phood before.
Probably won't eat it again either.
While the food tasted good. It was different, and not enough to fill me up.
I figure if I'm going to spend good money on a birthday dinner, the food should be better than what we got. We all agreed, we would have enjoyed going to our favorite Teriyaki place. But hey, we enjoyed the experience and the time together.
Now we know!
Later in the evening Katie opened her gift!
Rock band two.
Her Friend Brianna came over and we sang Happy Birthday and Katie blew out the candles.
Man, it is weird that she is sixteen!


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