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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Trick Rubber Bands???

I arrived in L.A. yesterday and took the flyaway shuttle to Van Nuys where my friend and magic mentor Tom Frank picked me up with a big hug, and a ready cigar! He whisked me away to adventure land! Actually to his air conditioned home. A very nice home that Polly and Tom are enjoying.
Polly was home when we arrived which is a rarity at the time because of her work schedule.
Tom made us each a turkey sandwich and it wasn't long, after visiting for awhile and we were off to the famous Hollywood Universal City Walk, where Tom performs his brand of magic.
Somewhere in the evening, I performed some rubber band magic for some people. Afterwards, unbeknownst to me, one of the spectators asked Tom if those rubber bands were gimmicked... too funny!
I watched Tom set up his work area, and it was but a few minutes and he was into the Magic! A magic show ladies and gentlemen! Right now, right before your very eyes this coin is going to get smaller and smaller...
Tom surprised me right away in his first set, he immediately threw me into the proverbial fire.. introducing me to the crowd he had gathered, and I performed wonderfully, a three card set for them.
Tom repeated this scenario several times during the evening.
After working until about 9:30, we broke camp and met up with Aaron Fisher, and went out for an evening on the town, can't recall the name of the place,(Marlon's) but the band (Cubensis) was playing all Grateful Dead music. We had a jammin' good time.
Aaron performed some great card magic for me and he also enjoyed me performing some as well.
On the drive to the Marlon's in Huntington beach, we saw a car on the freeway engulfed in flames, I mean not just an engine fire, the whole car was engulfed in flames, very odd!

After that we ended the evening having a late snack at the Canters deli. Great food, and we enjoyed the time together.


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