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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Always a Pleasure

Friday I decided to stay up all day.
I did a little house work. Got out the big ladder, set it up in our bedroom and caulked some huge cracks in the ceiling beam. The corners where the wall and beam meet had some huge gaps as well. I am preparing to paint the bedroom and both upstairs bath rooms.
I called my friend Mark Jensen to see if he was up to coming for a visit.
He was!
He arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon. We didn't really do much magic as far as actually sessioning, but we talked magic, and enjoyed each others company. Several cups of coffee too.
Mark wanted to see me perform an effect known as paper clipped. It is a Jay Sankey miracle and I love it.
Mark liked it too and will be putting it in his repertoire.
I shared with him a routine I learned from Silly Billy that uses three silks and a tube. Mark liked it. We discussed Silly Billy's book, "Seriously Silly." Mainly about entertaining children with magic. How repetition plays a large part in that entertainment.
Went to bed early, I think 9pm.


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