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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coming along

I have been recently building magic apparatus.
Some tables for street performing. Also was asked to build a matching stand.
I didn't want to build the stand, but when I got started, it all turned out pretty nice!
I have a stand that was given to me several years ago by my friend Scotty Walsh, wonder how he is?
Anyway, I copied that stand, used it as a template you might say...
Chad Reibman wanted an oak stand to match his new table.
Well, being a Flynn, and having the "over build Johnny" gene.. I decided it was just as easy to build two as one.
I posted some pictures on Facebook and got some nice responses. Another magical friend emailed wanting a table and a stand. I told him I really didn't want to build the stands as I broke some drill bits and screw heads off in the hard wood that is Oak. He talked me into it with green paper...
John The Magic Guy also wanted a special added something something to his stand. I obliged, and it turned out pretty sweet!
I actually got my wife involved. She sewed the "baggy" that spans the width of the stand when opened. I use this baggy for putting my props out of the way when I have finished using them for their particular effect.


Blogger John said...

Thanks Tim. I love the work you did on the first table!! Looking forward to the new on and stand and to hanging out a bit with you next week. I ahve alway loved the cups and balls, We met at the Gazzo class and somehow without hanging out, came up with almost the exact changes and routine... Great minds......

4:42 AM  

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