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Friday, July 21, 2006

Great session

It was great to get back to sessioning magically last night!
I have been somewhat lacking in the magic dept. Of late having been on vacation for two weeks. Jose opened up a rental home for our get together. For a bit it was just Jose and I. We worked on the Tricky wallet for awhile. It is great to see Jose taking the lead in his magic. He went thru the routine and shared it with me. I have been reluctant to learn the Tricky wallet as it requires a few moves I haven't yet perfected... I will be working on it next week. I love the magical effect of it. I sent a copy of the Tricky wallet to my friend Doug Gorman in San Antonio. I hope he likes it and learns/performs it. I am sure he will make it magical for his audiences.
I performed the Mike Gallo Ballvase routine I am working on for both Jose and then for Isaac, both had the same critique. My hold out looks suspicious. I am glad for the input. That is what the sessions are for. To get better at our craft. Randy Sills and Mark Storms arrived shortly and Randy and I played with the Mental Photography deck. I think he has the gist of it now. We also enjoyed toying with Jazz Aces. My friend Doug Gorman uses four matching Ace of hearts and four Jokers for the routine, we didn't have four jokers but Randy came up with four jacks of spades. I like this effect using four of a kind because it eliminates the flashing of the same card twice. Also, the red black contrast is nice as well! Mark taught me a fine point on the Larry Jennings snap double lift. I have always wanted to learn and do Ambitious card. A great effect, but have never felt strong with my double lifts to perform it. I understand how it all goes together but have avoided it. I have worked hard on the snap double but was missing a small piece to make it work all the time. I think Marks' little piece of advice will finally get me over the hump with my double lifts!!! Thanks Mark! That makes the session worthwhile right there!
Friday is here. I have to stay up all day so I might try to finish digging the boat out of the garage and get out on Puget Sound and drop a line or two....
Our son Ryan is leaving for a two month evangelical type trip to Idaho on Monday. Maybe I can get him out in the boat?! :)
Another thing that is coming along is that Ryan is finally starting to enjoy golf! It will be great to golf with him in the coming years. He is getting really strong and growing into manhood nicely. He will be hitting the ball further than me soon! But it will be fun to just be on the golf course with him!


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