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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Questing, The inner secrets of magic

Is Magic about fooling someone? Yes! NO! Both!
Is it Entertainment? Absolutely! How is that done? What makes an entertainer? Can you read a book and be an entertainer? How about watching a movie or DVD?
Why do magicians do what they do? Why do I love magic? Am I on an ego trip? Or do I truly want to entertain people?
Rene Lavand said in his excellent book, "The Mysteries Of My Life"
Rene lavand
"Any art should be pursued for only one reason: the love of it! There should be no expectation of any reward. The reward is having pursued the art, the act itself, and the pleasure of creating is the highest prize you can receive."
So, are you working to develop your magic to touch the soul of your audience? Or just to trick them? Are you after endless routines, never satisfied, always searching for more and more tricks? Sometimes I feel this way...
I must find my magical niche. How? Perform, perform, perform!
It takes time, impatience is creeping in... It takes intensity and struggle. You cannot just "make a decision" and "be there!" I must go thru the fire! Am I willing?!
My friend sol
had this to say to me tonight.(Printed here without permission)
"Sol has a challenge. He loves these tricks but for some reason he seems to always have something new and cool to work on, like the new twist for Ashers' Twist, and a new pool ball routine. Sol needs to understand that to get good at magic you can't dabble around like a man whore that tries a little of every girl in the city. In my opinion, Magic and routining is a lot like a salad bar. There is a lot going on, a lot of different things to choose from. Eventually you take what you want and go sit down. Once you've worked on eating and digesting what you have taken and used it for energy or for something useful, then its okay to go back to the bar and select some other this and thats.
Magic is sometimes like the salad bar that after you've visited it and are on your way to your seat, you encounter another salad bar with more and more options. You get distracted by this new salad bar and soon forget the good, incredible, useful flavors that you've just picked up a little while ago."
Well said Sol!
Here are some thoughts I have been trying to grasp and incorporate magically, these are gleaned from Quentin Reynolds...

What kind of style are you naturally?
Dynamic or Magnetic?
Dynamic, like Bill Malone, or magnetic like Eugene Burger?
One of these styles will be your natural style, however, you cannot nor should you stay that style throughout a performance, One cannot maintain a HIGH PITCHED show for the length of the show, nor can one remain magnetic, low key for an entire show, both ends of the spectrum must be touched but also the middle as well!
So a routine, Structure and balance..
Trick 1) Dynamic,
Trick 2) Enchanting, magnetic
Trick 3) Pure personality, letting the audience into your world
Trick 4) Bringing it back up, Audience participation, on stage
Trick 5) Great Finale
So, as I study this, I look at my tricks and try to incorporate them in this type of structure...
BUT, one must have the chops to be able to relax and "let go" so as to be more natural... It is a wonderful journey isn't it... And, My typing is improving...LOL


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