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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tuesday Session

Arrived at Scotty and Gina's place about 7pm... Sat down with Scotty and Gina and shared with them the diabolical "Aunt Mary's Terrible Secret" I've been working on. It went pretty well. Gina was totally mystified. It is a routine to use only in those special occasions, when you have built a rapport with a small audience. Is it worth learning? I think it's great, but must only be used in the right setting. That setting may never happen. But at least my knowledge of magic is growing as I traipse along the journey! One can never tell when that right moment will present itself!
Cub Scout Motto" Always Be Prepared!
Scotty shared something he learned as a child called the piano Trick, quite a little mind bender. But sooo easy too.... Nice!
Randy and Jose arrived and I shared it with the two of them, Randy fried me with his knowledge of a piece of information involved in the effect. It was great thinking on his part and helped prepare me for the eventuality of someone else "catching" that little known tidbit! Always Be Prepared!
Steve Ameden showed up next and we sat down and went of a Harry Lorayne piece he has been enjoying, Out Of This Universe. It is a sweet piece of Mind boggling card work to mess with the laymen! I liked it! I love Steves' easy way of talking, it may be "patter" but he seems to just be Plain talking!
Jose presented me with a nice wallet to carry some credit cards in. It doubles as a card holder as well. Thanks Jose!
Isaac Louie made an entrance as well. Things got really heated up then. He worked with us on his wonderful Misers Dream Routine.
Misers dream anyone!
Isaac also impressed with his new svelte figure, he has lost 30 pounds! Good on ya, Isaac!
Isaac, Scotty, Jose
Randy, Jose, Scotty, Isaac and myself played a bit with the cups and balls, mainly the ending loading sequences. Isaac shared a nice ending with the large orange loads, and made it look "pouchless." This was basically a timing/pacing thing. This is the essence of what the sessions are about, not just the sharing of new effects or tricks, but the sharing of proper timing, pausing and gesturing in magic!

Bernard and his wife of three months, Alison were there as well. We shared many different ways to false cut cards. Gina and Bernard were having a blast with those!
Bernard is a sponge when it comes to card work, he is so eager and enthusiastic. His childlike demeanor rub of on me and make me eager to learn as well...Randy coughed up a card for Alison. I don't know who liked it more, Randy clearing his throat, or Alison!?Coughing one up, Randy
I had to leave at 10:30ish to go to work, what a shame, things were just heating up!
As I was leaving, I noticed Steve teaching Gina a great rubberband trick!
Rubberband magic


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