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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Great Session

We started off the session with me doing the Slydini/Cellini Cut and Restored rope for Gina. I did it really well! Later Scotty gave me a nice pointer on the opening "get ready"... Pretty simple really. My fingers were too spread and a spectator could see thru them. Scotty liked the Professors Nightmare ending and especially the nice clean show of three equal lengths of rope.
I also shared with him Michael Ammars cut and restored rope replacement technique from his book, "The Magic of Michael Ammar," pg. 56. I haven't been using this method, but Scotty all but talked me into it! We discussed patter lines in the sense of what works for YOU and not trying to be someone else. Good discussion. Scotty showed me how well he is doing on the Heinstein Shuffle. He is really close to having it down, It is really sweet! Wish I could say the same. It frustrates me really bad, in fact, now I have destroyed two perfectly usable decks of cards in utter frustration! I WILL GET IT!
Randy arrived and since we had cut pieces of rope lying around we taught him the professors nightmare.
Professors Nightmare

Randy asked about Scottys' Voodoo DollVooDoo Doll
so Scotty shared it with us.
Beautiful VooDoo Doll
It is a real nice, startling piece of magic, beautiful!
We discussed what kind of magic to perform for children in hospitals. Come to find out, Randy has been volunteering many hours in this great endeavor already. I have been thinking about it for about a year and a half! Randy had much to say on the subject. You would think you could just go right in and share yourself with the children, but not so fast buster! Red Tape, Red Tape, Red Tape!!! Gotta dress in different garb for each room,dressing and undressing, sanitation reasons you know! Might have to wear rubber gloves, might have to put on a space suit etc, etc...Now that poses the question, what kind of magic can one perform wearing rubber gloves and such!? Practicing in such clothing might be fun! NOT!
We eventually got to watching a DVD on childrens magic by Terry Herbert! WOW! Probably the best I've ever seen, we were all in agreement, Terry was fantastic! Timing, control, pacing.. EXCELLENT! His multiplying banana trick and silver sceptre were superb....
Scotty shared some bits from his cabaret act!
Jose arrived and we went over last weeks Leipzigs opener.
Jose and I discussed some nuances to the great Tricky Wallet routine of Tom Frank fame!
My mind is playing all this through!
Gotta love it!


Blogger Mark Storms said...

sounds like you all had fun. I need to get to some of those sessions put on by scotty.

9:09 PM  
Blogger Timmy Jimmy said...

Yes you do!

11:35 PM  

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