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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Arrived at Scotty and Gina's just after seven P.M. Bernard and his wife of four months were just leaving...Gina baked wonderful choco chip cookies, Thanks Gina, my rumbling belly thanks you as well! :)
All of a sudden there was Roger Needham, cool.(Someone older than me)
Roger Needham & Me
I shared with him a trick involving a blank deck of cards, finding his chosen card. You say chosen card? It was a blank deck! Well, yeah, I had Roger merely think of a card, and using my magical blank deck I found his chosen card. It was good! I liked it anyway! Haha. Chad Rees, Brian Masters, and Mark Storms arrived and the finger flicking began in earnest. It was nice having the young guns show up. NOT! They fry me every time!
Jose arrived after nine, as well as Randy. We began to work a bit on the World Famous Banana Trick...
Go Bananas
The finger flingers gave us a hard time about it, but what do they know? None of them can even do the cups and the balls! HA!
Randy liked his new table. I hope he has a blast with it!
Nash Fung arrived and shared a sweet blank deck routine using only one blank card. Very nice! Hope I can remember it!
Misers Dream coin from head
Well, that's about it for now, I went to work, oh, did I finally mention work on my blog?! Ye gads! 28 years at Boeing and It gets such little print! That's as it should be! HA!
After work I am golfing with some fellow Boeing employees,
Out, from the man that never sleeps.


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