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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Magic training!

A young friend of mine asked if I would take some time to work with him on his magic recently. He is fifteen and I have been doing a bit of teaching for him for about a year or two. It has been slow going as he is busy with school and I haven't wanted to "push" him too hard as he might not really want to learn the magical art.
I invited him and his mom over to the house for a bit of a session last night. He has two weeks to get ready to perform for about 90 people in his High School. He is interested in some "larger" magic as it is a large crowd he will be performing for. By larger I mean something suitable for everyone to be able to see. Commonly called "stage magic."
His plan is to start out small and get "bigger" as he progresses. I taught him Jim Cellinis' Cut and Restored Ropes with the Professors Nightmare ending. I lent him a nice set of my Kovari Chinese Sticks. He has a set of Linking Rings. I don't know if he will be able to put together a routine with them in a short amount of time.
He is thinking about opening with an appearing and disappearing hanky, a short sponge ball routine, and then into the Cut and Restored rope... Basically, if that is all he did, It would be a good start to his performing.


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