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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday Session

The session started slowly. I arrived about 7:45 and Scotty, Gina and their friend Matt were just sitting down to dinner. They made me feel right at home though as they are very warm and friendly people.
Gina and Scotty watching Jose perform
We watched the Whit Haydn linking rings DVD I brought over. Whit's routine has been a favorite of Scotty's for many years. He was excited to see it. We enjoyed it very much. Scotty had the routine in print form and he will be receiving his 14 inch linking rings sometime this week! Ya baby!
Scotty pulled out his sponge bananas and gave me a quick lesson, then he lent me the pair for practicing, Fun!
The big banana
Jose arrived about 8:30 and we got down to playing with cards. Scotty taught us Leipzigs' opener. Not too hard a card trick, but still, they all need to be worked on before public showing! I showed them a nifty little card reversal that I picked up from Daryl's DVD... I also performed Jazz Aces with a twist. It is becoming one of my staples. That's pretty cool; to get something down that you can rely on!
Jose then said" Alright" I got something for ya." He did a nice routine using a dollar bill and a playing card, A Card Warp thing. It has lots of moving parts and is actually a routine with a beginning, middle, and an end.
Thumbs up Jose
Nice work Jose, I love your enthusiasm and smiles!
Gina and Scotty went over the cutting the Aces that Steve Ameden taught her three weeks ago. Nice!
Scotty whipped out a cool Spaghetti and meatballs plate he made for using in his act. He uses it for a fun time tossing it around trying not to "spill" any! Kinda to be used as a juggling type act. Ha Ha!
Scotty's home made spaghetti and meatballs
I had to leave for work at about 10:35, but before I left, I shared with them a Harry Lorayne piece that Steve taught me a long time ago. The Australian Sixes... Sweet!
I love magic!


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