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Monday, October 16, 2006


As I gave the the newly married groom a congratulatory hug, I said to him, "good on ya, she's hot!" Then proceeded to give his new wife a hug saying to her how nice she looked and that it was a nice ceremony... Fast forward three days later, My wife says to me, can I talk to you a minute? Now, when I hear those words from my wife I know I messed up someway, somehow.... My daughter and my wife both heard me tell the groom, "she's hot," speaking of his new bride. My daughter asked my wife what I meant by that, and now three days later I get to explain myself... Well, this didn't sit to well with me. I felt like I was being questioned out of turn and out of context, in an accusatory fashion. Maybe, maybe not. Did I do something wrong? Well yes, too my daughter and wife I made an unwelcome comment about someone else's wife.
To a man, I thought I was giving him a compliment on catching a good looking wife.
So, I guess I'll buy a zipper and learn to use it for my mouth.


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