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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Still Powerless

Five nights and four days later.... Running on reserve power. Gas fired generator, wood burning stoves for heat. Been some fun as my wife's sister joined us for three nights until her power came back on.Sisters
I remember being in cub scouts as a boy and camping out one night and one of the fathers cooked apples wrapped in tin foil on the coals of our campfire. He had us remove the core and put brown sugar and cinnamon into the hollowed out apple and we cooked them on the hot coals of the campfire! I have always enjoyed that memory. When I got back from Ireland in 2000, I was bragging about how great the potatoes were there. As a joke I made some apples as mentioned above and cooked them for my children in the oven. Before I took them out you could smell the wonderful aroma of baked apples. I told them that they were Irish potatoes. This become an ongoing family joke! Here is a picture of some fun we had while keeping the house warm during this power outage. Irish Potatoes?
Five "Irish Potatoes" in our wood burning stove! HA!


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