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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy Anniversary Baby

I got home Wednesday morning(Today is our 26th wedding anniversary!) and began to set up. I had stopped along the way and picked up a dozen red roses and a batch of pink and red carnations from QFC. Glad they are open 24 hours.

I put them all in vases but, well, I'm a guy, so I knew that they would get rearranged later. No problem there!
When I awoke from my slumber, there was a nice anniversary card waiting for me, sealed with a kiss!
Later that evening, Joan and I went out to dinner. Joan chose Daniels Broiler as our anniversary destination place. WOW! What a meal! Very nice food. They walked us by the steaks and lobster tails... just a peek to whet our appetites.
While looking over the menu it was difficult to not get "sticker shock!
Joan ordered a nice plate of pancetta prawns. These were very large prawns. The picture doesn't do them justice. I ordered Fillet Mignon with a Lobster tail.
This the most I have ever spent on a dinner plate!
The food was marvelous. The steak virtually melted in my mouth and the Lobster was the same!

After dinner we hooked up with our son Ryan at the University Village Starbucks.


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