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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Session with Steve

Got out of bed at about 1:30 yesterday, did some weight lifting as I am trying to lose some weight and get in shape a bit. I am hurting...
Played with our daughter and our new dog Cub on the sport court too. Throwing the ball and frisbee. The dog wore me out, he never tires! We had a great time laughing and running. Later I drove over to my friend Steve Ameden's home and delivered his new magic table. We had a nice session with cards. Steve seemed to like his table. I can't wait to see what innovations and modifications he does to it.
Steve taught me a couple of nice card tricks and had me in stitches with re-telling some magical work he did for a lady he works with. Steve has a gentle subtle style about him when he performs that puts people at ease. Another reason we call him "butter." We watched some Michael Skinner twisting the aces which is nothing like any other twisting the aces routine.
I'm sure Steve has it down by now!


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