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Monday, March 12, 2007

Nice Long Weekend!

Four day weekend that included my 26th wedding anniversary! My wife and I enjoyed a fine meal as already noted.
Friday afternoon we took in a movie. It was the movie Amazing Grace. We were not really prepared for this movie. We really did not research what it was about. It was a very good movie however and I recommend it highly to anyone. It is about the abolition of slavery in England and the man and men who brought it about. William Wilberforce, the Abe Lincoln of England...
Saturday saw the end of our daughter and Cubs canine manners class. Katie and Cub took 2nd place with a nice red ribbon! Great job! Son Ryan arrived aroiund 7pm for dinner and a movie.
Also Saturday and Sunday I finally finished getting the chain link fence all put back up! YAHOO. It turned out sweet! Nice job Tim, Pat on the back!


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