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Monday, November 05, 2007

Work & Magic

I had to work the weekend, actually I choose too, hard to turn down time and a half and double time once every three weekends...
I got up early Sunday morning and drove to Lakewood to be a part of the David Ginn Christmas Magic Workshop.
I have read a couple of David's publications and wanted to meet him. He is considered one of magics foremost children entertainers. For about forty years David has performed and taught his brand of magic.
Christmas is a special time of year to perform magic and takes special props and routines for a magician.
I really don't have any Christmas magic so wanted to see if there was something for me at the workshop.
The workshop was about 6 1/2 hours long and jam packed with information. Also appearing was a magician from Canada named Steve Harmer. They did a great job performing and explaining things. I am looking forward to getting the dvd. I couldn't remember everything.
They had a ton of props for sale too. Wish I had a bunch of money because there were some great bargains.
The workshop was well attended, I think there were about 40-50 participants. I think most people there were clowns, although none were dressed as such. Many clowns perform magic as well.
One of my favorite effects was performed by Steve Harmer, it was his six bill repeat with a great story line about getting vs. giving at Christmas.
David Ginn is quite an entertainer. I don't know if my personality lends itself to entertaining children very well. I don't know if I can act goofy enough?

Oh well, I got a ton on my plate as it is....
They sold out of most everything they brought.
It was a good workshop.


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