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Monday, October 08, 2007

Finally some light

at the end of the tunnel. Spent Saturday taking lots of stuff to Goodwill from my in law's home. We had an estate sale last weekend and the stuff that didn't sell... our son Ryan took a nice kitchen table, three living room end tables that had nice glass tops with oak trim and six dining room chairs, some miscellaneous tools and his uncle Jim repaired his rear door and window of his vehicle. A nice day for him!
We filled up a large green "huge haul" with a lot of furniture too. Sunday I went back and met Ryan there and we loaded up a nice sectional couch for him. That just about emptied out everything. The house is being painted Tuesday thru Friday and then it will just about be ready to put on the market! Finally!
I finally got to see Ryan's new place when we delivered the sectional. He is living with two other young men at this time. Sharing rent. They were happy to get some decent furniture. It's a nice place in downtown Seattle. A rambler.
Right on!


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