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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This Halloween marks my fourth year in magic! One more year to go to sit down and calculate if all the time, money and effort has been worth it. I got started because my pastor asked for volunteers to run a booth at a treats without tricks night.
I had done some magic in my early twenties, vanishing cigarette, scotch and soda, penetration frame, dime and penny transposition, so I put it all together and ran a booth. Kids were brought by and I did some magic and handed out candy. One man in particular loved the magic and just stayed at my booth laughing at the expressions on the children's faces. This got me back into magic and the rest as the saying goes is history. I doubt seriously if I could quit now. We'll see what transpires over the next year!
This Halloween also marks the one year anniversary that I was disowned by my older brother. It was a year ago the 31st that my younger brother nearly died from liver failure and I tried to find a way to bring him home with me if he made it through the ordeal. He did make it through the ordeal and lived for another seven months.
I did not have any contact with any of my brothers and sisters in those seven months until the time of his death. By that time it was too late, my brother was in a coma and I never got to speak with him. I spoke with my brothers and sisters last at his funeral in June of 2006. What a waste.
Tomorrow I have to stay after work to take a hands on mobile crane test. A new requirement by Boeing.
Happy Halloween?!


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