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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Learning Experience

Friday night I performed a set of magical effects for my friend Jay's mothers 75th birthday party.
I was the entertainment. Jay told me there might be up 150 people there.
I am guessing that about half that actually showed up. Jays mom is Doris. She kind of reminds me of my mom, kinda feisty!
Anyway, there was ONE child present. I like having children in the audience.
Children are natural laughers and gigglers.
See the movie Finding Neverland starring Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet.
I had a tough time getting the audience into the magic or into me. Maybe it was me? Maybe it was the magic? Maybe it was the average age of the audience? Maybe I am wrong and just reading more into their silence than I should? Have you ever heard of stunned silence? Haha.!!
I wore a suit and tie to perform in for the first time. I found it kind of hindersome. ( I just made that word up!)
I opened with the Legend of the five Mystic rings. It went technically well, but the audience was just sort of sitting back in their chairs staring at me, hmmm..
After that, I performed the Chinese sticks with the father in law military theme to try to get them applauding and on my side... There were nice gasps and whispering in the audience, I could see a woman smile way in the back.
I dove into cut and restored rope next. Funny to see peoples faces and their looks of astonishment. Doris' grandson Jason told me afterward that it was really good. (Thanks Cellini)
Since I had a piece of rope in my hand at the end of the last routine, I invited a man up with a finger ring to do Ring, Rope and wand. He had a nice large wedding ring made of white gold. After the effect, he claimed I bent his ring. There is no way I bent someones ring. I wonder if he was just trying to throw me off my rhythm.
Afterwards I spoke with him and he insisted that I bent his wedding ring. I wasn't going to argue. I don't honestly see any way that that can happen. There is just not enough pressure during the effect for that to happen. Kind of put a damper on my evening though.
Next I performed the Egg bag routine, seemed to go over well, I couldn't get the lone child to come up and help though. Great routine, but even greater with a child. Like I said, learning the ropes!
Banana Bandanna, lassoing a card, Anniversary Waltz, and of course, Cups and balls rounded out the set.
Looking back, perhaps too much magic. Nine effects. Learning the ropes!
Lassoing a card made for stunned looks on many faces. Anniversary Waltz turned out to be quite effective, and the cups and balls ending, well, it blows them away every time.
I did a small bit of walk around afterwards as people were eating cake. Many people told me it was great. I handed out a few business cards too.
I just didn't get the "High" or connection I seemed to feel last Sunday. Learning the ropes!


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