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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Days Fly by...

Where do they go in such a blur???
Just yesterday I was a young man, no aches, no pains... What? Been about a month since I started working out. Finally feeling like my body is ready to actually put it in gear and really start working out... We'll see!? HAha..
Skiing tomorrow, or shall I say, taking my daughter to the pass and she begins some skiing or snow boarding lessons. I will not be dong much skiing yet...
It should be an interesting and fun time with her.
Lots of snow had been falling the last several days!
Last night we met at Lighthouse diving in Lynnwood for a magic session hosted by the owner of the establishment, Harry Truitt. His son Adam is 15 and a budding magician, heck he's pretty darn good! He recently won a couple of teen magician awards for his Cups and Balls! Sweet. I met Adam and his Father about a year and a half ago. He has been really putting in some time to improve his magic. I envy him being so young and on his magical journey. He was ab it nervous and rushed his performance.
Joining us were Leslie Thyagarajan, Nash Fung, Bennett Haselton and Jose Floresca.
We did a bit of work on the cups and balls after Adam performed for us, going over some moves and nuances etc. Jose and I performed the Linking ring routine by Jack Miller. Jose has been "cramming" for this. I love it! reminds me of myself when I first started working on it. He did a great job too.
Nash has some great card moves, always a joy and he is growing in his "stage" presence as well, He is actually quite funny! He did a stand up presentation involving three magazines and the spectator chooses one and another spectator chooses one and he does a mind reading type effect.
I did a few card effects involving packet tricks as I want to keep them dusted off, Jazz aces with a twist, Marked for life, Sympathetic cards, Sympathetic cards is one I really enjoy, it has the feel of the cups and balls to me. Why? Because it has a beginning, a middle and and end with a great kicker! I performed a medley of four ace effects involving Dunbury Aces, Doc Daley's last trick, Twisting The Aces and finishing it with Jumping Gemini. A lot going on with four Aces.
I have been working on the idea of routining in magic. Getting and keeping a flow, a nice transition from one effect to the next. These four Ace effects transition very nicely.
Dunbury Aces is used to produce the aces while keeping the spectator engaged in a pick a card mystery, you find their selected card and at the same time the four aces are produced, it is a little fun because they are not even aware that you have just set up the nest two effects. That dove tails nicely into the Doc Daley's last trick which I perform twice as people expect you to not do the same trick twice, since the four aces are lying on the table face up, I go into Twisting the Aces, leaving the spectator with his mouth wide open, and to finish them off, I hit them really hard with Jumping Gemini.
The session ended just before ten as I had to leave for work.
It is nice on many levels, not only to perform and practice, but I think the fellow shipping of magicians help to keep you fired up to keep on keepin on!


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