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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Session at Chads

Tuesday night I was on my p.c. and noticed an email message from Chad Rees, he of WWF fame.
He invited me to a last minute session at his new place in West Seattle, Seems Rob Stephens is in town for a couple of weeks.
I was delighted to get an invite and so headed right over. I arrived about 8 pm. Rob, Brian Masters and Nash Fung were already having a good time.
All these guys are younger than me and I feel, better card finger flingers too...
I had the opportunity to show them a video performance of my show. Nash was impressed, the others couldn't believe I am performing. Funny how we have a tendency to pigeon hole people and put them in a box.
I'm not complaining, I'm just pointing out a bit of human nature. We see people, we judge them, later we find out people have more on the ball than we give them credit for. I am certainly guilty of this and most likely will be again... Human nature being what it is...
Chads girlfriend Dani(sp) was there too, later Brian's girlfriend, Teri arrived. Teri got to be the guinea pig for all our magic. I dazzled her with three of my favorites, Card in box, and of course Zingone 12 card mental. The other one doesn't have a name as far as I know...
Nash did color fusion and it was excellent, Rob
did some crazy stuff I couldn't keep up with, Nash also performed a nice mental challenge using his business cards and eliminating them until I was left with a glass of Ice Water, guess you had to be there! :)...
I performed "signed Card" for Nash, It is a Brother John Hammon effect. Nash new it because Michael Ammar teaches it on one of his ETM Card DVD's... Nash did it better and more fluid and with more pizazz then I. I learned from his rendition. I guess that, to me is what the sessions are for!
I left at about 10:30 as I had to go to work.


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