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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Last Thursday Session, Almost?

I invited several magicians over to the house last Thursday, but being the time of year it is, only one was able to come, that being Bennett Haselton.
Bennett is new to magic and wants to get better. I remember my first year in the art. Going to Tom's home for sessions every Tuesday night. Steve Ameden and Tom and many others would fill my head so full of magic that I couldn't sleep.
I kind of did that to Bennett on Thursday, sharing with him several card effects, some coins, and of course the Hot Rod. to Bennett's credit he brought along a video camera and note pad, shades of myself. I have wonderful video of some sessions at Tom's Alki Magic Studio (actually his home)...
Bennett brought along something he wanted to share called "Levitron." A pretty cool magnetic "toy" that takes some work to master, removing small rubber bands and leveling the feet of the device. Once that is accomplished and you learn to spin it correctly, Voila, the "top" floats independently of any attachments! I even stuck a playing card between the floating "top" and the base of the Levitron, and still it stayed suspended in mid air!
Pretty neat gadget!


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