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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wintertime fun

Got outta bed early yesterday, about 12 noon, I know someone reading this might be wondering...??? That's early? Yep about three hours early.
My daughter had a half day and is now outta school til the New Year!
So I took her up to the mountain and she snow boarded for the first time!!! We had some car trouble on the way up to the pass, thinking it is a transmission low on fluid. We made it to the pass, I bought some tranny fluid and we skied(Me) and boarded til about 7pm. The drive home was uneventful.
It was Katie's first time up and she did awesome, it was a real pleasure to watch her start from scratch and in few hours, she was cruising down the slope pretty good. She is a little sore but has a great time!
Me on the other hand... well, I am getting old and outta shape. I am glad i was with her because it allowed me an opportunity to take it easy. I only developed a mild burn in my quads!


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