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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The weekend wore me out, here it is Wednesday and I'm finally feeling normal again.
Working third shift has it's benefits, but it definitely has it's draw backs too. I like no traffic both ways to and from work, I enjoy having virtually no bosses looking over my shoulders, working 6 1/2 and getting paid for 8! Golfing any weekday of the week, less cost and less people on the course. But when the week end arrives and I am not working... sometimes I do not sleep the whole weekend, this last weekend was one of those, my mind won't shut down and I don't like taking sleep enhancers. I performed a magic show on Friday night and it went pretty well, all were entertained. I had a couple of miscues and of course, those are the things I dwell on, wanting the magic I do to be GREAT! I was also planning on Skiing Tuesday, I had invited my older brother John to join me. Him and I are trying to rebuild our shaky relationship. John taught me to ski when I was 16. That too was on my mind!
Saturday Joan and I attended a funeral for a friend. His 25 year old son died from an accidental drug overdose on New Years eve. I believe he died three days later.
That is enough to depress anyone!
Snoqualmie Pass was closed Tuesday because of avalanches. So our skiing plans were out the window.
I haven't worked out since Friday. I decided to listen to a friend who is also working out and his "coach" told him the body needs a rest after about 6 weeks of hard labor every day. I have been hitting it fairly hard for over two months.
I worked out yesterday and hope I don't lose momentum!
I heard from my friend Wil Bryan in North Carolina, I sent him an emnail that said:

Hi Wil, hope you are well.
I haven't heard anything from your father or you in awhile, so I am wondering what's going on with the potential magic show at the Christian Lifestyle Expo.
Has your dad watched the dvd? It's quite alright if he is against me coming or has found someone else, I'm just trying to get a jump on things from this end if it's a go.
Your friend, Tim

His reply lifted my heart and spirits!

hey Tim :)Its definetly a go, I am browsing for some tickets now... He really enjoyed the dvd but the deciding factor was my 6 yr old niece watching it and shouting "thats awsome" at the end. I will tell dad to give you a shout, hes probably already planning too. sorry for the delay, I was slow getting him the dvd. Anyway, hope this finds you well, talk o you soon and I will let youknow what I find in the way of tickets. :)


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