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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long Winter Days...

Or is it short winter dayz???
I am still working out regularly, although it is getting harder to motivate myself. Been finding myself wanting to skip a work out. Haven't skipped one yet though and am glad, because It is my understanding that it is those that do what you should when you don't feel like it are the ones who get ahead! I think I have lost some weight, maybe two pounds, hovering right around 190. Actually I think I have lost about 4-6 pounds and put it back on in the form of muscle, not that I am buff yet... but I am noticing slight differences in my body!
I have been sleeping more lately also, I am not sure if it is because I am lifting weights and tiring myself out, or if it is just because of the winter gloom. Maybe it is simply because I sleep during the day, and during winter it is darker outside and that makes the room better adapted for sleeping, I don't know.
Yesterday Heath Ledger was found dead in his own bed. He was 28 years old. An apparent overdose of drugs. I read the article and noticed that he had been using Ambien. He had in the past used two Ambien sleeping pills but only slept about an hour. The article mentioned that his mind wouldn't shut down even though his body was exhausted. I know exactly that feeling. I too have used Ambien. In fact I have taken two Ambien tablets twice. I didn't feel good about doing it but I needed to sleep. I wonder if he took three? Maybe it wasn't even Ambien, or perhaps a combination of something. The article mentioned it might be suicide. I really doubt it. When I was using Ambien to get some sleep, I had a weird feeling or premonition about taking it. So I haven't had any in about two years. I wasn't addicted to it, rather on my work shift and sleeping during the day, with the sun out, dogs barking, kids playing etc. I just needed to get some sleep.
I find it rather ironic that in America today, at anytime during the day or night, you turn the t.v. on and will see advertisements for drugs of all kinds. Yet, if you want to grow your own Marijuana, it is against the law. The drug companies can't regulate and the government can't tax it, so you can't have it. BUT, if you can't sleep, or have erectile dysfunction, or restless leg syndrome, or herpes or, A D D, or or or... you can get it rather easily, but it is funny all the "symptoms" that you might get while on the drugs!
Last night Jose held a session at his home, I finally got to meet his princess bride, Cindy!
In attendance were, Myself, Jose, Leslie and Bennett. We worked on rubber band magic, some various card false cuts,(spent a good deal of time here)linking rings, and Jose performed a new cups and balls routine.

I performed Sterling Dietz' paper tear, I am getting ready for a show this Friday where I will perform it "Live" for the first time!


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