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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What's been happening???

Been awhile since I posted last, I dunno why? Haven't felt much like typing... hehehe...
Spoke with My friend Tom Frank today, I always enjoy talking with him. All things magic and a little bit more.
Well rounded, not too grounded. I have been offered a tentative offer to go to North Carolina to perform at the Christian lifestyle expo.
A friend that now lives there invited me to perform after seeing a video of one of my performances! I am stoked about the opportunity and am very seriously considering going. It is in March of this year. That is the reason for my call to my mentor Tom.
I will be getting back to my friend Wil tomorrow or the next day, or perhaps after I type this post!
Wils' father is running the Expo, so you might say I have an in... but not so fast... This is all new ground for me, still I am very excited about the opportunity and not just to perform, but to go see some other part of the United States!
Have been trying to get up the pass to do some skiing lately, Tried on Wednesday but an accident up ahead on the highway prevented us. Today, they had avalanche prevention going on. So, maybe tomorrow!?
My friend and fellow magician Sterling Dietz has shared with me the rights to perform his newspaper tear! I am very pleased and excited to be able to perform this wonderful piece of magic. Ever since I saw him perform it over a year ago, I have wanted to present it! Now I will!
My friend Leslie Thyagarajan has been helping me learn the "tear". He has been invaluable in my learning. We spent an evening last Friday at a local Denny's working on it and other things. Jose joined us too. It was a relaxing evening of learning. I worked on linking rings and cups and balls with Leslie and Jose is working on a chop cup routine.
My wife started some more schooling last week, that has been keeping her busy. A couple of computer classes at Green River C.C. Tough classes too.
She finally sold her mothers house, closed today! Yippee! That is a nice load off her shoulders. Joan has been awesome during all this work! My incredible wife!


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