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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Skiing again...

Katie's second snow boarding lesson was today!
She is a fast learner!
Funny how things that at first seem to be a negative, often turn into a positive blessing.
We left home at about 10:30, trying to get to Snoqulamie by 12 noon, her lesson was scheduled for 12:30. traffic was heavy and a normally 45 minute drive took over two hours, we were late for her lesson and by the time we rented her equipment... well, they decided to let her go into a class at 3pm. My season pass isn't valid til 4pm... the lady named Jen comped me a ticket so Katie and I could ski/snowboard til her class. That was the 1st blessing, the 2nd was that Katie was the only student in her class. That meant basically that she had a private lesson fro two hours!
After her lesson we took a much needed break for dinner and then we made a couple more "runs" and headed home. A Great Day together on the slopes!


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