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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Week in revue...

Last night I enjoyed skiing at Snoqualmie as Katie snow boarded in her new snow boarding clothes!

Ryan joined us and we had a great time. It was a bit cold as the thermometer was reading a chilly 22 degrees. No wind though, and the roads were nice and clean making the drive up and back a breeze!
Ryan and I talked Katie into going up on the "bigger" chair lift! The Triple 60 it is called, She did great even though she had a few reservations. She enjoyed it three times, A few more and we can kiss those smaller chair lifts good bye!
Been working out now for two months, seeing a little bit of nice results. A loooong way to go still. Maybe a lifetime!
Magically, been just working on the paper tear and getting ready for an upcoming gig on the 25th at Farrington court. This will be my third time performing there since last November! Guess they like my magic, or maybe it's my cheap price!? :)
Anyway, I look forward to it.
In March I might fly to North Carolina to perform. I have been asked by a magical friend who lives there to come and perform at the christian lifestyle expo.(http://www.christianlifestyleexpo.com/index.htm)
Wil and I are working out the details. Wil's father is coordinating the whole event.
I think it would be a blast to go and enjoy this magical experience! An adventure in life you might say!
I am really enjoying my ipod that I got for Christmas. I didn't think it would be so great to have one, now I understand!


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