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Friday, February 01, 2008

In The Company Of Greatness!

My wife is Great! Yep, no doubt about it! Besides, I know she slips in to read this blog now and then. Hi honey!
Katie was at a friends til late so Joan and I mosied on over to Druidsglen Golf Course and dined at their restaurant. She had a two for one coupon! Sweet!
Later I went to Gary McKibbens home for a small session on sponge ball magic. Mark Jensen arrived and it was really good to see him. It's been about a year and a half or so...
Gary's sponge ball routine and chops that go with it are top notch. He is really fun to watch perform. Why? Because he is having fun doing it. He has performed with them basically all his life and it shows. He has a love affair with them. Amazing. I hope to be that good someday soon.
Many magicians pooh pooh the sponge balls, too bad, in the hands of a master like Gary, they are really something special!
Gary has developed a sweet Misers Dream routine. Right on. It is good to see him still growing magically at 58!
Looking forward to picking his brains in the coming months...
Stay tuned!


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