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Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Katie likes her small milk glass with dinner filled just to the middle line on the glass(click pic to enlarge), at last nights dinner, Eric filled her glass ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP! Just messin' with his little sis!
Having fun!
Today we cooked up some Razor clams that a friend gave us because he wanted to give something to Eric because he loves us and is appreciative of Eric's service to our country. His name is Sandy Holt, I work with him and also went to high school with him, he is now a member of our men's group bible study, any way, we cooked up them clams today, they sure are tasty!"

The first time I ever ate deep fried clams was when I was seventeen adn working at Ivar's fish bar on the Seattle waterfront. Had some great times and memories from those days! We were quite wild, we would throw ketchup and tartar sauce "dippin bowls" at the trains traveling by. I got burned by a street performer who was scamming people with the three shell and the pea game...I lost 40 bucks in a matter of minutes, 40 bucks in 1976 was a big thing to me. I learned later that he used a "shill" in the audience, letting him win money on the same shell I would have picked.
Learned a lesson that day, but it is a lesson that we all must learn...
If it's too good to be true, it probably is!
Thanks Sandy!


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