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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not Quite Magical?

Tonight Katie had her swim team banquet... I had done some close up magic for her coaches about a month and a half ago... they liked it, what's there not to like? Anyway, at the time he said something about doing some magic at their banquet, maybe ten minutes... I said something in the affirmative, but never heard back...
So tonight is the banquet. The Swim coach hands out a questionnaire with multiple choice questions on it, question seven is... Whose father is a magician?
Well, now everyone is told that Katie's father is a magician, and would you come up and do some magic for everyone, Now ordinarily, I'd have something ready, like cut and restored rope, or Acrobatic Knots, or Linking Rings... you get the idea..
My wife is whispering to me, "you don't have to do anything" and other words like "no," and "well, make it short." Can a guy ever get some support here! :)
But what do I have with me that will play large enough for about 75-100 people???
So I walk up and do the one coin flurry with a silver dollar, and it ends with the large 3 inch dollar!
First time ever in public... Of course I drop the silver dollar but it doesn't matter... as it rolls across the floor, nope, can't get lucky and have it actually fall and stay put. it has to roooooooooollllll about twenty feet away. Someone picks it up and tosses it back to me... I continue and finish on a high note...
Got a nice round of applause at the end, and during the routine some nice ooh's and aah's too.
My daughter later whispers to me, "Dad, that's the first time you've done that in public, isn't it?"
I nod yes and she says, "that was really good." "You should of heard the gasps when that first coin appeared."
She has finally gotten proud of her old man and his magic quirk.
Might get a gig out of it too, a lady whose husband is in charge of the AWANA program at a local church is looking for some different entertainment. Well, I'm different!


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