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Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Time no Posts...

I have been very lax in writing here, in fact, I almost didn't get logged in because I cannot remember my password...
Ahh, but luckily it came back to me! :)
July 29th.
The summer time, but we have not had sunny weather, although it is beginning to change...
I dug the boat out of the garage last Saturday while Ryan and Matt Clark worked on Ryan's Isuzu Rodeo. Worked on getting the transmission out of it. I say worked on it because it didn't get done.
As usual when Flynn's work on vehicles.... Murphy's law takes over...
On a higher note I did get the boat out of the garage and surprisingly...
Drum Roll please...both motors fired up and pee'd...
What does pee'd mean?
Well, outboard motors have what's known as a tell tale. This where water spews from the motor. It is a very important part of the cooling system of outboard motors.
Usually my "kicker" motor is frozen with salt residue or the impeller is frozen.
I am very happy to say that this year that is not the case.
So very soon I will try to get the boat wet in Puget Sound!
I have heard that this year will be a major year in 'humpy' Salmon fishing.
So, stay tuned, should have some excellent smoked Salmon in a couple of months!

On a magical front I have been very busy entertaining and growing in the art!


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